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In 1997, psychology students of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) founded the Pszichodiák Foundation. In the following years, this student organization had a growing number of projects but its largest and most important activity remained that of organizing Pszinapszis - Psychology Days of Budapest. The first Pszinapszis conference had 120 participants but as a result of a 10 year development, the attendance grew slighty above 4000 visitors in 2007. Today's organizers are psychology students from the six universities which are involved in psychology qualification in Hungary

The word „Pszinapszis" consists of two parts: „pszi" means psychological, and „szinapszis" (synapsis) is the connecting point between nervous cells. We would like the Pszinapszis conference to be such a „connecting point" between the general public and the psychologist society, as well as a connecting point between psychology and related sciences.

Pszinapszisis is a scientific and cultural event that is unique in Hungary and in the whole of Europe. It is targeting a different aspect of the world every year (this aspect is reflected in the motto), and it is looking at the chosen aspect from the viewpoint of modern psychology. Our conference is regarded by the Hungarian psychologist society as being an important event of Hungarian scientific life. We are proud to be welcoming every year famous psychologists such as Tamás Vekerdy, László Mérő, Gábor Zacher

, and acknowledged researchers of academic psychology such as Emőke Bagdy.

We are to ensure that Pszinapszis is a forum not only for psychology in the narrow sense, but also for its related sciences (psychiatry, neurology, cognitive science, sociology, education, anthropology, philosophy etc.

The mission of Pszinapszis contains three aims: we would like the general public to get familiar with psychological knowledge that can be applied in everyday life situations, in the maintaining of physical and mental health, and raises the desire for self-development.

The topics of Pszinapszis, be that recent advances in research or experiences of applied sciences, are all presented in everyday language.

On the other hand, there is a group of presentations, which give the opportunitiy to dive into more specific topics, because students of psychology faculties form a significant part of our audience.

Pszinapszis offers a wide range of scientific lectures, workshops, discussions and cultural events. Continuing the tradition, we reintroduce the English section to Pszinapszis once again, consisting of lectures and workshops in English all through the three days, delivered by professors and specialists from Hungary and from other countries.

As already mentioned above, there is a colourful cultural programme beside the scientific one. The aim of Pszinapszis is not only to educate people, but also to entertain them, and to make it possible to gather experiences through art and culture. Recurring every year at Pszinapszis is the Living Library, where members of stereotyped groups can be "borrowed" and talked to (e.g. Jewish people, homosexuals, Africans, football hooligans, ex-criminals etc.), and the Room of Experiences, which allows visitors to experience the world of disabled people.

The Visitor Survey 2005 has revealed that 66% of our visitors belong to the age group of 19-26 year-olds, being mostly university students, and another 20% belong to the 27-40 year-old age group. Our primary target group is therefore university and college students, and other young adults

Of course we warmly welcome people of any age who are interested in psychology and in the development of personal skills at this sparkling and colourful event. Most of our visitors live in Budapest, but some of them come from other cities and towns, and even from neighbouring and other countries. For those coming from a larger distance we can offer cheap lodging.