XVIII. Pszinapszis


The site for the 19th Pszinapszis (2015) will be active soon. If you want to take part in it you can already register but please wait for the e-mail with the details. Thank you for your patience!



The Pszinapszis – Budapest Psychology Days is the biggest psychological conference in Europe organized solely by students, and it is back for the 18th time this year to be held on 4-6th April, 2014. The event originally started off as a series of university lectures with only 100 visitors. Today, it has grown to an extent, where it attracts more than 3-4000 visitors each year. Our visitors are not just professionals in psychology, but also layman interested in the field of psychology. Not only the number of our visitors, but also the number of our organisers has grown over the years. The event, which originates from the University Eotvos Lorand now has helpers from other Hungarian universities as well, such as the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Károli Gáspár University, Corvinus University of Budapest and Budapest University of Technology and Economics. As many as 73 volunteer students have been working together for 9 months to bring the best programs to you! The legal and infrastructural backgrounds of the Pszinapszis are covered by the Pszichodiák Foundation.

This year we invite our visitors to engage in an INVISIBLE MASQUERADE, as this is the main theme of the 18th Budapest Psychology Days. If we come to think about it, we wear invisible masks every day, they are present in most aspects of our lives. Should it come to family, friends, love or work, we always know which mask to use. Life is a colorful drift, a masquerade. But what happens if we try to peek under these masks? We will consider this, and many other questions through the looking glass of psychology.

We only need to look under the surface to see the many layers that lie beneath, to see what we hide underneath. As the situation changes so do we: we put on another mask, while we drop the ones we wore before.  Our masks are like snowflakes: they seem to be much alike, but as soon as we give them a closer look, the beauty of their difference blooms in front of our eyes. We form our masks to match our own faces.

This year we will drop the mask for a moment, to look at ourselves without anything to veil the truth. At the Budapest Psychology days, we go on a tour behind the scenes of this Invisible Masquerade guided by professionals, examining this theme from many different aspects of psychology and related disciplines.

And how are we going to help you in all this?

Our psychological program involves more than 70 lectures held by the most outstanding Hungarian professionals in psychology, who will express their thoughts about our masks. Moreover, you can select between 40 workshops that will guide you towards finding answers to your questions and let you experience the functional side of psychology.

Apart from our main program, this year we have once again prepared different sections for you. The popular Psychiatry section aims to present you with the interlocking of the fields of psychology and psychiatry. Their roots are mutual and though their methods may be different, both scientific fields try to help through the same principles. Our goal is to bring down the borders between these fields and show you how they affect each other and cooperate in order to provide help to those in need.

In the Modern section you can come across the modern topics in psychology, while the Basics section gives a special opportunity to those who just recently started to discover the field of psychology. The Developmental section offers lectures from the field of developmental psychology in topics that interest the modern person. Our development, family and childhood play a major role all through our lives; this is the reason why everyone can identify themselves with these topics. In the Everday psychology section we present you with lectures that deal with basic questions in psychology in a manner that is understandable and exciting for layman. Brought to you by young researchers, whose results contribute to the development of psychology.

And last but not least, we would like to strengthen our connections to others as well: because of its growing success, we open our doors once again to international students and foreign universities, who can listen to lectures and attend workshops in English in the International section.

Apart from the colorful psychological programs at the Pszinapszis, we also offer you cultural programs. During the day, the Relax Room gives you the opportunity to think, relax and regain your energy through massages and other relaxing activities. Try the Experience Room, borrow someone from the Live Library, or visit the Teahouse, sit around a little on the comfortable beanbags and armchairs, and check out the organizers, who made these amazing three days possible! Don’t forget to visit the Bookshop, where you will be able to purchase books with big discounts, and get them signed by the author at the event. In the evening let’s enjoy the theatre performances or stand-up comedy shows and come and dance together with us at the concerts!

Besides trying to satisfy your scientific interests, we would also like you to have fun! Meet your friends, old acquaintances; return home with great experiences, and embrace the feeling that always captures us during these three days, and find out what comes to our minds when we hear the word: PSZINAPSZIS.