Adventure Corner

Do you have a couple of free minutes to spend? Your inner child still loves playing? Or do you simply want to have some fun? If yes, we are waiting for you in the Adventure Corner! Here you can try many different kinds of puzzles, quizzes and all sorts of board and team building games! Whether you want to get to know yourself or others better, or you just want to have an amazing time with amazing company - this is the place for you! Come and take an adventure with us!


Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down between two presentations with a cup of tea? Or would you like to discuss your experiences from the workshops with your friends? Or would you rather just contemplate on the things you heard during the day? Freshen up with a glass of ice cold lemonade or relax with a cup of hot tea! The Teahouse is waiting for you!

Live Library

Day by day, we have to face questions, prejudices and stereotypes. We are many and individual and sometimes it can prove hard to understand the situation of others. The main goal of our Live Library is to provide a possibility to see the world though someone else’s eyes, even if only for a short time. The ‘Live Books’ are people – people whose past, life, career, thoughts or religion can be interesting for others. It is a unique possibility where we can ask our question that remained unanswered before and we can revisit our opinions during a free conversation.

Civil Street

Our Civil Street is open and available during the whole event. The Civil Street takes place on the second floor corridor, where our guests can pay a visit to the stands of the civil organizations, as it was in the years before. Next to the introduction and promotion of the science of psychology, our goal is to stand for open-mindedness and equal opportunity.


In the breaks between the professional programs, we are entertaining our visitors with short performances. You can see folk dancers, Irish step dancers and listen to classical and popular music performers. After the professional programs, the event continues with cultural programs. We welcome all of our visitors at our evening concerts and performances!

Interpretation of drawing

The interpretation of drawing seems to be growing in importance in psychology. Professionals use it in many fields such as advisory in education and career and in various eligibility examinations. Perhaps the reason is that it can be used in the case of both children and adults. There are many kinds of drawing interpretation, our visitors can try out Taraczközi drawing test, or a complex drawing interpretation. The Taraczközi drawing test uses a drawing made by a ballpoint pen to give a view on the basic personality characteristics of the drawer. With a great chance it can be determined whether the creator of the drawing thinks with the right or left side of his/her brain. Complex drawing interpretation is a method which combines the visual cognition with the “emphatic psychological” point of view and with graphological and andragogical counseling. The complex analysis can be used to understand the personality and individuality of its creator, to get to know his/her inner processes and personal world. Beside these, a main part is discovering yourselves with your personal experience, with your own handmade drawing and other graphics. It is a spontaneous moment of self-knowledge, a chance to wonder about our true selves.

If we can’t share our problems and memories with others, or even ourselves, our drawings serve as a medium to give in insight of us. Discover yourself with the help of drawings. The professional drawing interpreters at our event give private analyses for the drawings made there.

Participation is only available after previous registration which can be done at the registration desk on the first floor corridor.


Getting tired? Having a little spare time between two programes? Just want a little pleasure? Don’t be shy and look for our professional massagers who will help you loosen up and refresh with various techniques, so your body and soul can get in perfect harmony again.


We wait our guests with yoga in our Relax room on the first floor. Our program, led by qualified teachers, does not necessarily require spare clothing and we provide polifoam for the participants. If you wish to relax between two programs, we wait you at the Relax room with open arms!

Relax room

The cozy and comfortable island of peace on the first floor awaits our visitors every day, should they feel the need of a little rest. Feel free to blow off the steam while jumping into our bean bag chairs, relax, dream and close out the maelstrom of crowds from your head.