General information


1. Purchasing the ticket for entry entitles you to enter the event only if you accept the terms and conditions of the Event Policy and you acknowledge the right for the organizers to uphold these policies.

2. The following armbands entitle you to enter the event:

3. The “All-event ticket” is valid for all three days – from 14 pm, 15th April 2015 until the end of the concert on 17th April 2016.

4. The “Evening ticket” is valid from 9 pm on that day. Thus it is not valid for the last lecture of the day, but for the cultural program.

5. You are entitled to purchase a “Student ticket” in case you hold a Student ID issued by a high school, college or university.

6. Under the age of 14 entering the event requires an accompanying parent or an adult guardian.

7. Under the age of 14 the entry is free.

8. The armband is void if damaged (e.g. cut, glued together). The event organizers are entitled to escort the holder of a damaged armband outside the event’s premises.

9. Counterfeiters of tickets and complimentary tickets will be prosecuted.

10. Complimentary tickets are valid only if numbered by the organizers.


1. Bringing glass, sharp objects, small arms or any object that may put others’ life or health in risk is forbidden on the territory of Pszinapszis.

2. Bringing commercial quantity of non-alcoholic beverages to the territory of Pszinapszis is also forbidden.

3. Bringing alcoholic beverages to the event is strictly forbidden.

4. Bringing food in commercial quantity to the event is also forbidden.


Behaving disorderly, or distracting the performers’ or the audience – including mobile phone usage - is forbidden. The organizers are entitled to remove the person behaving disorderly and not complying with the Event Policy upon request from the venue without refund.


1. During all programs of Pszinapszis, including the concerts, smoking is forbidden. Smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking areas. The person not complying with this rule can be escorted from the premises without refund.

2. During all concerts and other performances of Pszinapszis body surfing (i.e. holding persons and handing them over to each other over your head) is forbidden.

3. Stepping onto the stage for the audience is forbidden.

4. Liquids are only allowed to be brought into the concert hall (Diamond Hall/Gyémánt Terem) in plastic bottles or in aluminium cans.


1. Smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages is forbidden on the premises and within 50 meters of Pszinapszis.

2. Not complying with the Hungarian laws will result in removal from the venue of the Event.

3. The event will be held even in case of bad weather.

4. The audience of Pszinapszis are also obliged to comply with the policies of József Attila Cultural Centre. These are hung on the walls.

5. Organizers can be identified by their badges with the logo of the Event.

6. We reserve the right to change the policy.

7. Tickets and passes are not refundable.

8. By purchasing a ticket or pass and attending the event, every visitor automatically agrees to be shown on pictures and videos taken during the event.

Opening hours

Friday (15 April): 2.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Saturday (16 April): 8.30 am – 10.30 pm
Sunday (17 April): 8.30 am – 9.30 pm