Can we still believe what psychologists say? A ’crisis’ of psychological science that may also be a step forward

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April 15. Friday,
15:30 to 16:30
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Psychology is a popular subject, but most of the general public might primarily and naturally be interested in practical advice, counseling, self-help books, and popular literature. Ongoing serious research tends to hit the headlines mostly when something curious, unexpected, ’sexy’ or unsettling is found. Recently, however, it seemed it was psychologists who were unsettled by their science hitting the headlines in the popular media. A large study has found (with more to come) that much of recent research could not be replicated: when a number of recent studies were conducted again, many of the results were quite different from the original. If so many studies can not be replicated with at least by and large the same results, can we still consider psychology to be a ’real’ science? Did psychology suffer a ’blow’ as some of the popular media reported? Actually, quite a few psychologists have been expecting this to happen, some have even been working on it, and, hopefully, most will see it not as a ’blow’ but as a long-awaited and welcome step in the right direction. You wonder if you can believe what psychologists say? Your call – but the lecture may help you find your own answer.