From the path of mediocrity to state of flourishing

Starts at: 

April 16. Saturday,
15:00 to 16:00
Ametiszt room



The science of ‘Positive Psychology’ examines the ‘average person’ with an interest in finding out what works, what is right and what needs improving via an appreciative perspective regarding human potentials, motives and capacities.

How can tailored-made ‘positive interventions’ take people from being average to increasing their confidence when dealing with challenging times and having greater confidence about their future in uncertain times as well increasing hope and persevering towards goals in order to succeed. Finally when dealing with adverse conditions bouncing back to attain success at work as well as greater
life satisfaction.

This presentation will reveal multiple ‘case-studies’ with Hungarian participants and open you to how ‘positive interventions’ can make substantial difference in one life and start the process of leading a flourishing life.