Constantly connected online – the current bogeyman

Starts at: 

April 16. Saturday,
10:00 to 11:00
Türkiz room



The 21 st century human is getting more and more attached to being connected online. From glaring into ever smarter phones and bombarding peers with messages to shut-in gamers lost in virtual worlds, many argue that younger generations are increasingly losing touch with reality due to the use of technology. Phillip Zimbardo’s latest book claims technology has sabotaged what it means to be male, Gary Turk said that the world is becoming full of smart phones and dumb people, István Sas says that the Z in Z- generation best stands for troubled (Hungarian: Zaklatott). Every time period has its own bogeyman, be it sexuality, rock music or marijuana. Today it is constant online connection. This presentation argues that things are not that grim, and the issues we are facing are not solely due to increasingly smarter technology. While a witch hunt provides a scapegoat in hope of a simple explanation, technology is not the bogeyman many claim it to be.